Eternal Ring


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As intense and promising as a life spent together, a wedding ring that delivers an exceptional sentiment. This classic design features a eternity band of brilliant cut diamonds, and sits elegantly next to our engagement rings. Impeccable design that we know to have stood the test of time.

Available at different color of gemstones : blue ( Sapphire ), Green ( Garnet) , Purple ( Amethyst) , Diamond. Send us your request at calissajewelry@gmail.com.


可改用其他顏色的寶石 : 藍色(藍寶), 綠色(石榴石), 紫色(紫晶), 鑽石等。


Total Pink Sapphire Weight 粉紅色藍寶重量: 0.20ct

Total diamond weight 鑽石總重量: 0.07ct



Product Details 產品資料

Stock number 存貨編號:R030201R-PS

Metal 金屬: 18K White Gold 

Stone Details 鑽石資料:

Number of Pink Sapphire 粉紅色藍寶數量:


Total Weight 克拉總重量(ct.tw.):


Number of Diamond 圓形鑽數量:


Total Weight 克拉總重量(ct.tw.):



Customization 訂造

If you like this style but would like to make amendment in the design or stones that we used, feel free to send us your request @ calissajewelry@gmail.com 


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