The Classy

The Classy

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Calissa’s breathtaking jewelry series - Elegance. The glamorous diamonds harmoniously merges with our exquisite designs. They are destined to belong to the elegant you.

優雅.恆久- Elegance。迷人的鑽石和精緻的設計創造出這經典時尚的系列,它們注定屬於優雅的您。


Total Diamond weight 鑽石總重量: 0.74ct 



Product Details 產品資料

Stock number 存貨編號: P35518

Metal 金屬: 18K White Gold 

Stone Details 鑽石資料:

Number of Baguette Cut Diamonds 長階梯型鑽數量 (Center): 8
Total Weight 克拉總重量 (ct.tw.): 0.06  
Number of Brilliant Cut Diamonds圓形鑽數量: 1
Total Weight 克拉總重量(ct.tw.): 0.20
Number of Brilliant Cut Diamonds圓形鑽數量: 1
Total Weight克拉總重量(ct.tw.): 0.03
Number of Brilliant Cut Diamonds圓形鑽數量: 60
Total Weight 克拉總重量(ct.tw.): 0.45


Customization 訂造

If you like this style but would like to make amendment in the design or stones that we used, feel free to send us your request @ calissajewelry@gmail.com .



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