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We would like all our customers to have a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience, and have therefore taken measures to ensure all orders can be placed securely and safely. Please carefully read the “Shopping Terms & Conditions” before making your purchase. Once you have made a purchase, we assume that you have accepted those terms and conditions.

貴公司希望所有的客有一個方便,舒適的購物體驗, 所以我們採取措施確保所有的訂單都是安全而快捷。請細閱 "購物條款及細則" 。

Payment Method 付款方法


Payment Method

We have a several methods of payment available for our precious customers to choose from:

1)    PayPal

i)      Select jewelry products by picking size and quantity.

ii)     Add to the basket.

iii)    Review order size and quantity. Confirm and check out by following the instruction.

iv)   Make payments with PayPal. Your orders will then be processed and sent to your address (details shown on “Shipment & Insurance”)

2)    Bank Transfer

i)      Simply place your order via email calissajewelry@gmail.com, stating the product number, size and quantity. Leave contact details such as your name (and recipient’ name if applicable), contact number and postal address.


ii)     We will contact you to confirm order. Please proceed payment within 48 hours.

iii)    Make payments via bank transfer to HSBC account: 004819533449001, and keep the bank transfer receipt as proof of payment for your records

iv)   Please fax or email the copy of your bank transfer receipt as proof of purchase to calissajewelry@gmail.com.

v)    Products will be shipped to your postal address upon receiving your bank transfer receipt as proof of payment.

3)    Cash

i)      Place an order to us via email (calissajewelry@gmail.com) stating the product number, size and quantity. Leave contact details such as your name and contact number.

ii)     We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm order.

iii)    Arrange meeting point and time at your convenience.

iv)   Jewelry products delivered to you by hand after payment.

All items paid by cash or bank transfer will receive a 5% discount.

We maintain the respect for your personal information and guarantee that we will not sell them to a third party.







1)    PayPal


i)      挑喜愛的珠寶首飾選擇大小和數


ii)     加入到購物籃


iii)    購物籃的大小和數量,並確認


iv)   使用PayPal付款您的訂單便被處理發送到您的地址(詳情請參保險”




2)    銀行轉帳


i)      只需簡單地發送電子郵件(電郵地址calissajewelry@gmail.com)我們您所選購品的編號,大小和數量。及請上您的姓名, 聯絡電話地址


ii)     我們會與您聯絡並確認訂單


iii)    通過銀行轉賬付款 (匯豐銀行帳: 004819533449001) . 必須保留收據以作紀錄


iv)   品將在收到銀行匯款的收據發送到您的地址




3)    現金


i)      發送電子郵件(電郵地址calissajewelry@gmail.com)我們您所選購品的編號,大小和數量。及請’ 上您的姓名, 聯絡電話地址


ii)     我們會盡快與您聯絡並確認訂單


iii)    安排在您方便的地點和時間會面


iv)   您所購買的珠寶會直接









Shipping & Insurance 運輸及保險

Shipping & Insurance

Calissa jewelry ships your package via Federal Express or EMS around the globe. Average shipping time is about 2 weeks depending on the package’s destination. All deliveries must be made to a physical business or home address; we do not ship to P.O. Box addresses. We also require customers to provide the receivers’ name and address.

Calissa Jewelry keeps in close touch with our precious customers and ensures that tracking numbers are provided as soon as the packages are sent out. Charges for shipping and insurance vary depending on the destination, weight and value of the parcel. We urge all customers to inspect their package for damage or tampering before receiving or signing for receipt.

All jewelry purchases come with complimentary lifetime after-sales care.  This includes inspection, cleaning, repolishing and resizing.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@calissajewelry.com.





Calissa Jewelry Federal ExpressEMS郵寄貨品遍布世界各地。平均運輸時間大約兩星期左右,需視乎貨品存貨及目的地而定。我們並不接受郵箱號碼為收件地址,必須提供正確收件人姓名及電話,地址。




運輸和保險的費用取決於目的地,包裹的重量和價值。我們敦促所有客戶先檢查您的包裹有否損壞接收及簽署. 如有任何查詢,請不要猶豫與我們聯絡。




Shopping Terms & Conditions   購物條款及細

Shopping Terms & Conditions

All customers must read the following terms and conditions. Once you have proceeded with purchasing, our company assumes that you acknowledge, agree and accept all the conditions outlined below:

·         Customers agree to receive our company’s issuing of product information and/or sales

·         All orders will be processed upon our confirmation.

·         Upon receiving your order confirmation, please proceed with payment within 2 working days. We reserve the right to cancel orders where payments have not been made within this timeframe. Once the payment has been confirmed, your order will be sent to your postal address.

·         Please submit accurate personal information (i.e. name(s), contact details, postal address etc). Contact us immediately if you have submitted any wrong information.

·         Our company will not be responsible for any mistaken delivery, lost, and returned lapses. Customers will bear all losses and liabilities as a result of the customer providing incorrect information. Customers will be responsible for the postage of returned products.

·         Do not destruct or copy any information (including products’ photos) on the website.

·         We make every attempt to ensure that our online catalogue is as accurate and complete as possible. In order to give our customers the opportunity to view the intricate details of our products more clearly, photos of some products may appear larger or smaller than their actual size. Also, every computer's monitor will have slightly different color settings, therefore color and size may vary slightly.

·         The measurements of the products in our catalogue are based on manufacturing specifications. Small tolerances may be accounted for based on the finished products from manufacturing. Carats total weight for all purchases may vary 0.05 carats from the stated weight. For gemstone and pearl products, a tolerance of 0.25mm is allowed.

·         For a single piece of diamond jewelry with multiple diamonds, we provide the minimum total carat weight for the piece. All diamonds are of grades H/SI or above if not stated otherwise.

·         Calissa Jewelry will not be responsible for any kind of taxes on duties for overseas purchases.





·         同意接收本站不定期發出的最新產品及特賣商品之資訊。

·         所有訂單需經本店確認後方為作實。

·         付款須知: 本店在確認收到訂單後,請顧客於2個工作日內完成付款,本店確認收款無誤後,再盡快將商品送達您的送貨地址。顧客逾期付款,本店有權取消訂單。

·         請詳實填寫資料,若是寄送地址與聯絡電話之資料有所變更,應立即聯繫我們更正,不得以資料不符為由,否認購買行為或拒絕付款。

·         顧客請小心檢查訂貨內容,收貨人姓名,送貨地址及聯絡資料是否正確。如有資料錯誤,請電郵calissajewelry@gmail.com 更正。如因顧客提供錯誤資料而引致誤遞、遺失、誤時及退件等的情況,本公司慨不負責,顧客需承擔所有損失及責任。退件需要再發,顧客需負責再發的郵資。

·         不得以任何方式破壞及複製網上各項資料(包括照片)與功能,且嚴禁入侵或破壞網路上任何系統之企圖或行為,任何意圖破壞及入侵之事實,須負其法律刑責。

·         本網站內的所有產品內容完全與貨品相符,照片亦是實物拍攝。但由於拍攝燈光及顧客電腦顯示器的偏色影響,照片與實物的顏色可能有些微不同,請顧客明白及理解。一切產品以實物為準。

·         在網站上,我們提供的是根據我們製造規格的測量。在產品完成後,所有購買克拉總重量可能會與標名上有0.05克拉的差異。對於寶石和珍珠的測量,允許公差為0.25mm

·         對於具有多個鑽石的鑽石首飾,我們提供最低的克拉總重量沒有標名下,所選用的碎鑽是H/SI上。

·         公司不會對海外消費負責增值稅,關或其他

·         若本合約的條款被認為無效、非法或無法履行時,該條款仍應在適用法律的許可下盡最大範圍之履行,而剩餘條款之有效性、合法性和履行性皆不得因此而受影響或傷害。


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