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Young & Glamorous


Calissa Jewelry, named after the Greek name for “most beautiful,” speaks for itself. We offer the most beautiful and fashionable jewelry for all jewelry lovers in Hong Kong and all over the world.

At Calissa, we are passionate about our creations. We take great pride in creating stunning, timeless pieces which are authentic, versatile and can be worn by each individual in his or her own way.

Whether your style is sophisticated, voguish, classy or elegant, you will discover delightful and unique pieces that are just right for you at Calissa, suitable to wear to all kinds of occasions.

Let us capture life’s most special moments for you. A Calissa piece is a perfect gift for your loved one, a magical moment that will timelessly engrave your most treasured memory on the hearts and minds of you and your special one. If there is anything we can help you in arranging your special day, don’t hesitate to give us a call in advance.



Our Stones

  • We never limit our jewelry adornments to only ordinary stones; we strive to search and extend our collections with ever more diverse, ever more vibrant and more beautiful stones.
  • Our stones are carefully picked by our G.I.A. gemologists to ensure that every single piece of stone is of top quality and of indisputable authenticity.





Calissa,是希臘女孩的名字,意思是最美麗的。 Calissa Jewelry希望帶給你們最美麗,最時尚的珠寶。

在Calissa Jewelry,我們充滿熱情和自信去創造驚人永恆的作品。確保所有首飾用料都是真確天然,適合不同場合,及每個人戴上它都能散發出獨特品格。






  •       我們努力尋找和擴展我們的產品系列,廣泛選用各纇型寶石,希望能提供更多樣化,充滿活力和美麗的款式。
  •       我們的員工持有G.I.A珠寶鑑證學歷﹐經驗豐富﹐確保所選用的鑽石/寶石是天然和高質量的


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