Diamond Buying Tips- Clarity

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Diamond Buying Tips -Clarity

Most inclusions are too small to be seen by the unaided eye (VVS, VS,SI). 
1. If your budget is tight, pick a diamond with lower clarity yet not visible to unaided eyes 
(VS2, SI1,or high SI2).
2. As diamond size increases, the size of the facets also increases which means it is easier to look into the diamond to see its inclusions. Thus, the importance of purchasing with a higher clarity grade increases accordingly. 
3. Fancy shaped diamonds which emphasise transparency over sparkle usually have bigger facets. Thus, it is recommended to get higher clarity ones ( VVS, VS) as well.


1)如果您的預算緊絀,可考慮選購一顆低淨度而肉眼看不到的 (如VS2,SI1,或高SI2)。
2)愈大的鑽石,刻面的大小也會隨之增加。 由於刻面著實是一顆鑽石的窗戶,所以會愈容易看到內裡的內含物。挑選一顆達較高淨度分級的鑽石的重要性也隨之增加。 
3)上丁方形及綠寶石形切割鑽石的設計為突顯其透明度都有較大的刻面。所以我們會建議選購較高的淨度 (如vvs,vs)。

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Diamond Buying Tips- Color

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1) Higher color for rings; lower color for earrings & pendant

The color difference is very noticeable when you compare two stones side by side. There are higher chances that you would put your hand next to your friends’ than your neck or ears; thus, go for higher if you are getting a ring!

However, if money is not a concern for you, undoubtedly, always go for higher color!


2) For Purest: D-F (Colorless); For and excellent value: G-H ( Near Colorless) 

* D-H are collection items; I or below are commercial items

D        Absolutely colorless. The highest colour grade. Extremely rare.
E-F  Colorless. Minute traces of colour can be detected by an expert gemologist. A rare diamond. 
G-H   Near-colorless. Colour difficult to detect unless compared side-by-side against diamonds of better grades. An excellent value. 


3) For Rose Gold/ Gold effect on Diamond:

    -whitening yellowish diamonds ( H or lower)

   - Add yellow to colorless diamonds ( D-G)

Thus, if you have got a D-F(/G) Color, it is not recommended to set your diamonds in Rose Gold/ Gold.


For more information on diamond 4Cs, please check out here.



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