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Astrologers have long accredited supernatural powers to certain gemstones, and it is through this association with the planets that they have come to represent the months.

It is human nature to wear what we deem sacred and, in possessing your birthstone, it is considered that you possess something innately associated with your personality and self.

Originally, it was thought that the power of the gemstone was heightened if worn during its corresponding month and, as a result, people had a full set of twelve to rotate throughout the year.

Gradually, however, it became more common for people to be connected with the single stone representing the month of their birth, and the characteristics and luck associated with it.

Have a look at what your birthstone is and it may give you some ideas on what to get for your friend's or family's birthday present!

  • January / Garnet : Constancy, Loyalty
  • February / Amethyst: Sincerity, Peace
  • March / Aquamarine: Courage, Health
  • April / Diamond: Innocence, Love
  • May / Emerald: Happiness, Fertility
  • June / Pearl: Balance, Joy
  • July / Ruby: Nobility, Beauty
  • August / Peridot: Felicity, Protection
  • September / Sapphire: Wisdom, Calmness
  • October / Opal: Balance, Endurance
  • November/ Topaz: Friendship, Strength
  • December/ Turquoise: Wisdom, Wealth

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